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How to Hire the Perfect Mobile Application Development Company

There are an abundance of application development companies on Long Island; it is not difficult to find one.  However, it is difficult to find the right one for your company and/or concept for an application.  Developing apps can be quite pricey and many people may have the urge to go with the cheapest deal.  However, choosing the right developer for your company is much more important than saving some change.  Things can become more difficult and/or go wrong if you hire the wrong company, as differences in opinion, outlook and concept can lead to conflicts or delays.  In the alternative, hiring the right company, even at a higher cost can maximize your effort and end result, increasing profitability.


So what do you look for when hiring a Long Island app development company?  Here are a few tips.


First, look for a development company that has experience with applications similar to that which you seek to create.  Take a look at the company’s portfolio to view the type of work they have completed in the past.  You will be able to tell relatively quickly whether the work is similar in concept and design, and if you believe your company and/or ideas will work with the app developers.  Aesthetics and ease of use are incredibly important for the future consumers of your app; it is important to make sure the application company is qualified to handle the jobs and those aspects.  Further, if the Long Island mobile app developer has similar experiences, they will be qualified to provide creative input based on those similar experiences.  That input may help you see options in a new light and enhance the development of your app.


As simplistic as it sounds, it is always important to choose someone that you like, or someone that you believe you can successfully build a business relationship with.  The process of developing an application does not necessarily have an end date.  Once the application is developed, you will likely need to focus on updates and other changes based on customer feedback.  It is easiest to find an application developer that will stay with you through the entire process, as opposed to terminating the relationship upon the initial completion of the app.  The process will be much smoother and much more enjoyable if you maintain a good working relationship with the company that you select.


Focus largely on design.  You may have a design idea in your mind; you can see it but you don’t have the coding knowledge to bring your idea to life.  Coding is extremely important, as without it there would be no application.  However, your future users to do care about coding. They care about the design and user experience.  This makes it incredibly important to choose a company that does not only have the development experience, but also experience working with design and usability.


Lastly, as previously stated, do not make your decision based solely on price.  It is understandable that your company, especially if it is a start up, has a budget.  However, in most instances cutting corners shows and you are aspiring to create a good product, not a cheap one.  Many price options are not all inclusive, and prices often increase down the road.  If you do not believe you have the capital to pull off the app that you desire to put out, focus on building your business in other realms and revisit the idea in the near future.


The development of an app for a Long Island business can lead to continued long-term success down the road.  When choosing a company to develop an app, remember the ideals of your company, the goals and purpose of the app and the aesthetics you desire. Make sure to hire an application development company that you can envision a long-term, successful relationship with based on those ideals.


You don’t always have to be solving a problem…



You don’t always have to have a stereotypical app. At the end of the day, let your app be an extension of your brand letting your followers and customers know you are who you are and you sure ain’t fake!

Okay, so Pioneer is in the business of making apps. Not like half off apps at Applebees, but like the ones on your phone, and we’re constantly working on ways to make an impact on different industries through developing them.

Now if you ask the average Joe, they’ll say that in order to have good & successful app, you have to be solving a problem. But here’s the thing……Define success. Is it having millions of users? Is it making someone’s workplace more efficient? Is it being ranked #1 in the App Store? Plot twist… You don’t always have to be solving a problem to have a successful app.

First, figure out what your goals are. Whether it be self-ambitions or goals you have for your business. Now take these goals and determine how you can accomplish them with something on someones‘ phone. Lastly, figure out what that something is and who that someone might be, and make it happen!

What’s awesome about phones is that people are on them for over 4 hours a day, which is insane. Think about how many times, a person would see your logo on their homescreen every day. If you think about it, you and your brand own a bit of that person’s life and thoughts whether they realize it or not.

So what do you make? Good news is that you don’t need a stereotypical “App”, to have a presence on someones phone. You just have to be a little creative.

For example, Apple’s Sticker Packs are becoming more and more popular for ways to get business’  brands shared. Something like this lets users do the advertising for you right inside of their messages!


Here’s how Starbucks is using Sticker Packs


Another example of a “not so stereotypical” app is one that we recently created, the Chad Tepper’s Catchphrases app. You can listen to some of his most popular catchphrases with the tap of a finger. This app reached #1 in Entertainment and in the Top 10 Overall Apps within 24 hours!!!


In conclusion, be creative and think outside of the box. Before saying “An app just isn’t right for us, or the business that we do”, think about all of the different options there are. Having a presence on someone’s phone can do wonders for both you and your business, and it’s definitely not something you want to miss out on!

-Phil (Founder/Software Engineer @ Pioneer Mobile Applications)

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How to Launch a New App

We talk about strategy all the time when it comes to developing an app, but it shouldn’t just stop there. With millions of apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, your app won’t magically become successful. This is why it is important to strategize how you are going to launch your new app. This blog post from ladder.io discusses an App Store Launch Plan that can help get you downloads fast, which is critical when it comes to mobile app marketing.

Overview of Phases:

Phase 1: Make sure everything works

  • Beta test your app
  • Build and test a final version
  • Seed early reviews

Phase 2: Get the word out!

  • Inform your insiders
  • Run ads
  • Make sure your App Store Optimization (ASO) is on point
  • Social, blog, and press

Phase 3: Keep the momentum

  • Re-engage your uses
  • Keep everyone updated when you update

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The importance of your App Store Video


With millions of different apps in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out let alone receive downloads for your app. One way to help stand out is by having a preview video on the App Store for your app. Over half of the top 50 grossing apps in iOS and 84% of the top 50 grossing apps in the Android Play store are utilizing app store videos.

By having a preview video, it is possible to increase your download conversion by 20% in the Apple App Store and by 35% on Google Play!

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