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Calling all foodies – Discover your next meal here!

At Pioneer, not only do we love to build great apps, but we also like to find other great apps out there and find out their story! Recently, the Bite app was featured on Product Hunt, and we had the chance to get in touch with the founders. Check out our interview and review!



Bite: Review Dishes

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Description of app:

 Swipe, Choose, & Bite – Discovering your next meal has never been easier. Bite focuses on reviewing dishes and not restaurants.

Eating out at the same places can get boring. Trying new dishes can be disappointing. Reading review rants can be a hassle. With Bite, explore and discover new eats with confidence and ease.

Let Bite help you decide what you eat next. Find new and different dishes without compromising on taste, quality, or your wallet. Easily access the most relevant information about nearby dishes, and decide for yourself whether a dish is worth a bite.

Post your favorite dishes: helping others experience flavorful foods that you’ve tried and enjoyed

Swipe to discover: finding high quality food nearest you by leveraging reviews from your peers

Skip the hassle: consolidating everything about a dish, making decisions effortless



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Interview with the Founders:

Where did you come up with the idea for this app?

The idea for this idea came up when Peter was working for a cybersecurity company, assigned to Manhattan for 3 month long consulting project. Even though he was surrounded by countless restaurants, he couldn’t decide which ones to eat at, and Yelp wasn’t helping him find what he wanted. He thought there had to be a better way to find the best eats, 3 times a day, everyday.
What problem is your app trying to solve?
The problem is that it takes too much time and too much effort to decide what to eat. Reviews today can be lengthy, and don’t always provide the relevant or related information. In today’s digital age, people love taking pictures of food and (1) posting to social media/instagram (2) keep it stored in their phone. Bite, as opposed to an entertainment app, differentiates itself as a decision making tool that helps people discover what’s available nearest them, and letting its users determine for each of themselves if something is worth trying/eating.
How big is your team?
3 full-time founders and 3 full-time developers.
How long did development take? Was this a full time project or side project?
Development took 4 months with 3 full time developers. The founders have been working on this part-time and committed full-time in September.
What are your future goals for the app?
1. Recognition as the lead food/restaurant review platform for dish review, search and discovery.
2. Partner with third-party online ordering and delivery companies.
3. Vision: become the universal digital and visual menu
In one sentence, why should people download this app?

Bite, the “Tinder for food”, shows the pictures of the best eats nearest you with relevant information and meaningful ratings; it simply makes more sense, right?

Pioneer Rating

73.5% – Excellent!

Onboarding Experience: 7.5/10

Usability: 8.5/10

User Design & User Experience: 7/10

App Store Average Stars: 4.8/5

Update Rating (How often there is an updated version): 3/4

Virility Factor: 88/100