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Uploading Your App To TestFlight – Right to the point

  1. Open your projects workspace (projectName.xcworkspace). If there is no workspace, open the project file (projectName.xcodeproj) 
  2. Open your project settings
  3. Increment your Version and Build Number accordingly. (*Note: Each upload to iTunesConnect/Testflight must have a different build number)
  4. Make sure that your Team Profile is selected under the “Signing” Group
  5. Select Product –> Archive  ……. Wait for archive to complete
  6. The organizer will automatically popup once the archive is completed. If it doesn’t just go to Window –> Organizer
  7. Select your build, and then click Upload to App Store 
  8. Select Upload. Once this process completes, iTunesconnect has to process the build. This could take around 20 mins
  9. Log into iTunesconnect.apple.com
  10. Select “My Apps”, then Select your app
  11. Select a version to test
  12. Enter in Test Information, and other information for Internal Testing or External Testing.
  13. Submit for review if External TestingFor a more in-depth tutorial check this out